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International Conference on Learning and...

San José, Costa Rica 2024 The concept of metacognition is considered one of the most sophisticated aspects of human cognition, related to the mechanisms that allow people to know themselves and regulate their own cognitive activity. The study of metacognition involves multiple disciplines including neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, education, and philosophy, and is related to […]

Normative data and standardization of an...

A deeper understanding of what factors influence metacognition has never become more pressing than in today’s digital era, in which information flows constantly and quickly. To this end, the present study explored the role of culture in mediating how individuals experience metacognitive phenomena. For this purpose, the International Group on Metacognition (IGM) developed a rigorous […]

Contemporary Context

The current context necessitates teachers with adequate development of their metacognitive awareness, with competence to promote classroom teaching that favors the development of metacognitive processes in students with the aim of effectively demonstrating self-regulated learning behaviors. In this regard, the development of accurate metacognitive monitoring is a necessary condition for self-regulated learning (Bol & Hacker, […]

Metacognitive Monitoring

The focus in studying metacognitive monitoring in learners and teachers is of special interest, as we theorize that teaching metacognition is the cornerstone to the development of successful learners who recognize themselves to be capable and self-regulated in their learning (Hemdan-Mohamed, 2012). Thusly, individuals who learn are seen as a self-aware, and capable of self-regulating […]

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